Thursday, June 19, 2008

McDonald quick to upsize but....

I went to order breakfast this morning at McDonalds. And I asked if I could have everything on a breakfast combo except the sausages. I don't eat sausages I wanted cereal instead and I mentioned that I'll pay the difference. The girl behind the counter spoke to her manager about it. And she said no we can't do that but I could choose what hot drink I wanted.

What McDonalds do very well
  • McDonalds talks about nutrition, they promote lite choices on their menus which is fantastic!
  • They talk about catering to "individual tastes and dietary needs" on their website
  • They talk about constantly reviewing their food
  • Excellent, so far so good
Wouldn't it be great if....
  • They followed through on what the say
  • They understood what the definition of the word "individual" means
  • They followed through and actually cater to customers dietary needs
  • Train your frontline people including your Managers to provide customer service that supports your external brand and marketing messages. (You don't want to be a bucket with thousands of little holes)
  • Give your staff empowerment to think outside the square sometimes
  • Your frontline people can make or break your business whether you're a giant like McDonalds or Mr B selling fish & chips down the road
  • Everyone in your company should be singing from the same page if they don't it's a bad song and no one sticks around
  • Do not underestimate customer service
  • You spend so much time and money working on the visuals, words, the creative brief, the ads, the website. So think delivery
  • McDonalds has a nice website, nice pictures, nice words but they forget how the customer should be treated when they walk through your doors
  • Providing excellent customer service builds a lasting customer brand experience and it's the cherrie on that beautiful cake you took so long to bake
I'd be interested to hear your feedback or thoughts. Is McDonald in this space? This is another reason why brands should have an online presence because this is where the conversation is happening.

Photo credit: Dr Max

Have you experienced bad or good customer service? I'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You deserve what you get.....

A friend made a tasty Korean stir fry for us tonight. And as we enjoyed the meal and discussed all sorts of issues about business we just couldn't escape talking about the good and bad customer service/relationships we've experienced lately.

I don't know whether this subject follows me or I it but I can't seem to get away from it. That's why I'm excited to be here!

The companies that we discussed ranged from small to medium businesses and large firms. What amazed me the most were the stories (positive and negative) we easily recited as if they happened seconds before we met.

Conclusion before I go to bed: You may think that when you provide crappy service we've forgotten about it, tonight proved we had memories like elephants.

Better to spend energy and creative thinking on making a positive impression than a wrong one Marie Young

Photo courtesy of MReece

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