Saturday, July 19, 2008

Web 2.O Customers

How do I stay in contact with my customers? How do I provide a platform that's easy for them to communicate with me?

These are some popular questions I come across in my travels when speaking to clients. Why are these important questions? It's because there's so many online communities customers identify with now. There are over 350 social media sites and growing. And they're attracting people because it's appealing to their interests. It may be books, pets, cars, clothes, environment, cultural art, business and the lists goes on.

Regardless of what industry you're in, you need to be asking yourself these questions and I'm sure the answers have changed since you last checked.

My question to you: Does your static website draw customers to your brand?

If the answer is No, then you may need to consider experimenting with some social media tools to leverage your current marketing strategy.

I've included a diagram that we use in our presentation which is one of many ways you can get your message out there and how you can strategically tie it back to your website if you have a web 1.0 website.

Where do you start? You can start by having a blog, which is just what you're reading.

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