Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Vlog


Ben Young said...

I like your passion for customer service. Neat idea. To be honest the bar is extremely low in New Zealand, hopefully this can help pull it up.

James Stewart said...

Cool - Great vid Marie - I would far rather watch a vid than read a post!

I think I should start Vlogging - do you use YouTube to record it direct?

Ps How many hits do you get from being on the radio?

Marie Young said...


Because the bar is low, companies have an opportunity to differentiate through customer experience. They'll have to, to stay competitive with overseas companies.


Glad you like it! I find it easier especially when you start to get busy. Yes I use youtube to record direct. I'll try seesmic and compare.

We got more attention from the blogpost the day before than the day we were on air. Weird aye?

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