Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mitre 10 Mega

Have you ever been in a store half an hour before closing time and you feel hurried along?

I was looking for a solution to repair scratches on our wooden floors. I knew a big store like Mitre 10 Mega would be the place to go.

In a matter of minutes a friendly staff asked if I needed help. I explained what I was looking for he said he wasn't the expert the guy who was has gone home.

In a few minutes the staff member said it didn't look like they had anything. I perservered, after all I've traveled a fair way to get here. I found what I was looking for. I saw the staff member on the way to the checkout and told him I found the tube, he wanted to know where so I took him to the aisle.

When I got to the checkout I noticed the packaging was falling apart so I asked if I could exchange it with another one. The response was..."hurry we're closing in 5 minutes".

Some ideas:
  • I say this quite a lot and will always say it, training and company culture has everything to do with how your staff delivers great customer service everytime!
Involving the Floor Manager to remind staff members about the importance of delivering great customer service everytime is crucial. Remind your people every morning how much you value them before the doors open (this takes 5 minutes). It's a great excuse to rally together and speak to each other before the day starts. You'd be surprised how much fuel this adds to your team.

Besides, you've paid thousands of dollars to bring the customers through your doors so don't forget to major on the customers. You'd be amazed how a smile and a polite team can increase your sales
  • Sorry it's not my department I don't know if I can help you
Help the customer anyway (the customer doesn't need to know the internal story I just need someone who can help me) If you don't know, ask someone who can! Tell the customer what you can do not what you can't!
  • Hurry we close in 5 minutes
I don't need to say anymore please don't say this, let your customer exchange the goods and wait for them.

That's me for this week. Whatever your industry go out there and makes your customers day!

I hope I catch you delivery great service if I don't, we'll share some ideas on how to improve them. Let's make the world of customer service a great one!

Photo courtesy snil


Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Nice post. I was recently in a German "REWE" supermarket, ten minutes or so after closing time. The checkout guy gave us a smile and busied himself with some tidying in the store, making it clear that he was available any time we needed him.

When I praised his patience, he looked us in the eye and said "if you weren't spending money at ten past seven, I might not have a job."

That's now my regular supermarket. :)

These "end of the line" service experiences can tell us a lot about our service - cracks show under pressure. I wrote a little about it here:


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why come 5mins before closing we been open all day....ggggrrrrr

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