Tuesday, October 2, 2007


When was the last time you wanted to work on your business or take time out to do a "vital" to do? I'm going to boast because I did it today!

I decided to work from home, tune out completely and sign up to a very cool global business network website Ecademy.

I'm passionate and curious about social networking and how it's evolving and transforming the way we communicate and do business online. As I was setting up my profile on Ecademy, Mustapha Amnay Bouga from Casablanca read my profile along with 2 other people. I sent a message to say Hi. A bit later we exchanged skype address, we found out about each other's businesses and he introduced me to another kiwi business owner here in Auckland. Crazy? Apparently Normal!

They say there's 6 degrees of separation between us and other people. Is it less online do you think? This website has the potential to connect your business to other like minded business people. I joined today for the first time. Great feeling!

If you invest the time I totally and absolutely recommend it. It's free and it's global. Why wouldn't you?

Do me a favour. If you sign up, drop me a line and I'll make sure to say Hi.
Visit ecademy

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